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Democratic Vice Presidential Nominee Tim Kaine: U.S. Senate, Virginia (2013-Present) Governor, Virginia (2006-2010) Lieutenant Governor, Virginia (2002-2006) Mayor, Richmond (1998-2001)

As the 2016 presidential campaign races toward Election Day, Nov. 8, ARTBA is carefully monitoring the candidates’ positions on transportation policy.  ARTBA is drawing information for this report principally from debate transcripts, public statements, legislative votes, writings and the candidates’ official websites and social media postings from recent years. In addition to the records and […]

Joint Meeting with AzAGC

Members of the ATB Board of Directors headed to Phoenix last week to have its annual meeting with the Arizona Associated General Contractors.  A few topics of conversation dealt with the Surface Transportation Committee set forth by the State Legislature to try to find solutions for state transportation funding.  John Regan, with the Arizona Chamber […]

Surface Transportation Committee Meets

On September 16, 2016, chaired by John Ragan of the Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Surface Transportation Funding Task Force (STFTF) met for the first time.  SB 1490 created the STFTF.  Senator Worsley sponsored the bill.  AZAGC, along with fellow Transportation Business Partners member Alan MaGuire, helped draft the legislation.  After introductions, Senator […]

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Mandatory Paid Sick Leave; Sneaky Part of Minimum Wage Initiative

Read the initiative.  Many do not know this, but part of the minimum wage initiative includes a mandatory sick leave requirement too.  Mandatory paid sick leave applies to full and part time employees.  And: Unions are exempt; State and federal government employers are exempt; Sick leave travels with the employee even if they are transferred […]

Career Days hits Another Milestone

Thanks to the over two dozen Committee members of the Southern Arizona Construction Career Days for reaching another milestone; third year in a row.  Each year the number of students attending the event has risen and the Committee has rallied to get the support of the community.  In the year 2014, the Committee had its […]

Joint Meeting with SAHBA

ATB Executive Committee also met with the Southern Arizona Home Builders Association.  The meeting was very much of the same agenda as well as a long conversation on workforce investment.  This included the Southern Arizona Construction Career Days and what the long term planning on the event may be and what more we can do. […]