State Legislative Update

Representative Justin Olson (R-Mesa) has announced that his House Appropriations Committee will be holding five town hall forums across the state to give Arizonans the opportunity to learn about and comment on the budget proposal. The forum will address current spending proposals and a recent history of the state budget and offer an opportunity for […]

RTA Executive Directors Meets with ATB Board

The Executive Director of the Regional Transportation Authority (RTA) Farhad Moghimi came to speak with the board on the directors of ATB. Farhad mentioned that they have hit the ten-year anniversary of the tax of the twenty-year plan. The next steps are to seek the proper authority to get the extension from the State Capital. […]

Hot Topics

Sick & Safe Time Proposal Last Meeting Notes

The last meeting was held late last week at the east side city council office. The audience was the largest of the three meetings as may be it was the last meeting. The meeting started with the audience speaking before the Committee could comment. It was hard to address some new comments as some committee […]

Bumpy Roads Cost Drivers

America’s roads are in desperate need of repair. In the meantime, commuters and businesses are paying the price. Eighteen percent of all major roads are in poor condition, and another 40% are in mediocre or fair condition, according to data compiled by transportation research group TRIP. In urban areas, the number of poor roadways increases […]