Meeting with Mr. Huckelberry

ATB’s Executive Director Ramon Gaanderse met with Pima County Administrator Chuck Huckelberry to discuss various topics. The two topics that stood out for conversation was about funding for future roads and procurement related issues. As for funding, the County is obviously on board for the next RTA extension but also wishes to continue to seek […]

McCraren Open House

McCraren Compliance Open House on January 29, at their new training facility located at 3980 E. Columbia St. was well attended by safety professionals in our industry. The new facility is approximately fifteen thousand square feet. There are three well-equipped training rooms. The large room can accommodate a maximum of 50 trainees, the second training […]

Hot Topics

Is Gas Tax Enough?

However, critics of the government’s handling of infrastructure have targeted wasteful spending and a propensity inside Congress to use Highway Trust Fund dollars for other projects. In testimony before the Senate Finance Committee, economist Stephen Moore argued that last year has estimated gas-tax revenue of $39 billion was enough to build and repair federally owned […]

Funding Debate

The federal government’s highway funding is running dry. President Barack Obama recently signed a $305 billion bill, called the FAST Act that will keep the Highway Trust Fund solvent through 2020 and increase funding by 15%. The Highway Trust Fund was on pace to run out of cash in June. The Congressional Budget Office determined […]