Quick Topics:

Annual Bridge Report

ARTBA revealed its 4th Annual Bridget report late last week.  The information comes directly from each State Department of Transportation and then captured into a format created by ARTBA.  As part of the “Transportation Makes America Work” (TMAW) program and ARTBA’s ongoing effort to keep the spotlight on infrastructure investment issues and need to fix […]

Legislative Alert

Governor Ducey and the Arizona Legislature are currently discussing the fiscal year (FY) 2018 budget. One proposal includes shifting $108 million from highway funds to balance the budget. The governor and legislators need to hear from you, and we have made it easy for you to contact them. Please click here to send a letter right away […]

Regional Meeting

Thanks to newly elected Pima County Supervisor Steve Christy for joining us at our recent regional meeting last week.  The Supervisor is exciting about his new position and thanked our organization’s members for their support to the community and hard work.  Supervisor Christy discussed the most recent actions by the Board on World View and […]

Quick Topics:

Proposed City Sales Tax

As you are all aware by now, the City of Tucson will be holding a special election this May for raising the sales tax for roads and public safety.  This 5-year commitment will help raise $100 for roads and help fix our local and arterial streets.  An oversite Committee that is already in place will […]

State Legislation Update

Last week Tuesday, the Arizona Senate’s Transportation & Technology Committee had a hearing on several important bills that ATB is following.  These bills relate to the transportation funding; funding for electric and natural gas vehicles, and have those types of vehicles pay their fair share like regular gas vehicles.  Other bills would allow Counties across […]

State Legislation in Full Swing

The Arizona State Legislature is thick in the middle of reviewing bills and weeding out what bills will not be signed by the Governor.  On the transportation funding topics, the bills are racking up quickly but whether they get hearings is a different story.  For one, HCR2011, which will allow voters to increase the State […]