Quick Topics:

Prop. 101 – Invest in Tucson 2017

The Tucson City Council recently approved a special election for the voters to decide on a half-cent sales tax for investment in roads and public safety.  As a member of the local business community, ATB is strongly in favor of the passage of Proposition 101.  Our community has recently achieved some successful economic development but […]

Highway Construction Workforce Pilot Project

ATB and AGC are working together closely on a new program which we have highlighted below.  This is a great collaboration and very important topic for our industry especially today when many of you are looking for the next generation of employees.  Please see below for all the details: Purpose: To initiate a Highway Construction […]

Regional Meeting

We’d also like to thank those who keep attending our Regional Meeting each month which brings the biggest participants to any of our meetings other than our membership dinner.  We hope that you find this information informative and we like to hear about any topics you think the rest of the membership should hear.  If […]

Quick Topics:

State Legislature

As the Arizona State Legislature have now flopped bills from the Senate to the House, you can see which bills are being heard and which will not see the day of light.  Two bills last week that the House Transportation & Infrastructure and Ways of Means put aside dealt with transportation infrastructure.  One bill was […]

OJT Meeting

ATB and AGC of Arizona encourage our members and join to listen in on the upcoming ADOT OJT meeting discussion pertaining to how the number of OJT trainees will be determined.  As you know, ADOT has had a contractor based “pilot” training program for almost 2 years now.  Beginning in January 2018 the program will no […]

Dinner Wrap Up

Thank you to all our sponsors, guest speakers and members for being at last week’s membership dinner.  With three speakers talking about the issues at hand in Washington, D.C., upcoming projects with ADOT, and the latest on the I-11 and how the public can participate.  This annual meeting is an opportunity to hear about some […]